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(520) 579-0047


About Lynium:

Lynium LLC offers a variety of specialized electronic devices, services, and information.

Our main product is a system to test analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). This system, the ATS4000, is the first of its kind to combine both AC and DC test capabilities for high-resolution and high-speed ADCs.


Various presentations at the International Conference on Signal Processing Applications and Technology Conference from September 1997 through 2000. Topics that were covered included getting the best performance from ADCs and DACs, using ADCs and DACs for digital signal processing, and understanding the intricacies of ADCs and DACs for "digital" engineers.

First place design award in EE Times "Great Technology Challenge" in the area of education. The proposal was for an "automatic note taking" system which would record an instructor's voice and written information via very low cost methods. The student could then review material at a later time using their personal computer.

Design award in the EDN/Philips Microcontroller Contest for a programmable power supply using a derivative of the 8051 architecture. The entry, entitled "An Efficient, Digitally Controlled Laboratory Power Supply," appears on page 35 of Philips Semiconductor's "Dream Machine" Application Reference Book.

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