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What's New:

For February, 2004

New Application Note for GAP1616 Users

An application note is now available that should be of interest to users of the General Access Platform (GAP) 1616 or anyone interested in testing embedded ADCs. The document describes the testing of a 16-bit ADC that is embedded in Silicon Laboratories' C8051F060 microcontroller. A substantial amount of detail is provided including program code, connection diagrams, photographs, test results, and troubleshooting issues. The application note can be found in the Support area.

For October, 2003

Lynium LLC has been selected as a TI High Performance Analog (HPA) Third Party Developer!

We are proud to annouce that not only have we been accepted into TI's new High Performance Analog (HPA) Third Party Developer Network, we are among the very first companies to be a part of this program. Our status as an HPA Third Party Developer gives us a higher level of access into Texas Instruments, a leading supplier of a vast array of analog semiconductor products.

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