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ATS4000 Setup

ATS4000: Our current test system that has been used extensively for debugging, characterizing, and validating analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). This system has been used to test a wide range of such devices, including ADCs and DACs embedded into microcontrollers, a 7.5 Hz 24-bit delta-sigma ADC, a 14-bit 125 MHz ADC, a dual 18-bit 1 MHz ADC, a 10-bit 15 MHz DAC, and a quad 16-bit DAC.

testQube 5220A

testQube 5220A: Our next generation test system for evaluating, debugging, characterizing, and validating mixed-signal products such as ADCs, DACS, digital potentiometers and similar devices. The system supports quad-site testing with digital pattern generation up to 30-bits at 250 MHz and with pattern depths to 134 (2^27) million patterns. Digital data capture includes parallel data widths up to 24-bits, serial data widths up to 80-bits, data rates up to 250 MHz, and data depths up to 134 (2^27) million 30-bit words. Click here for more information.

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