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Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Evaluation, Debug, Characterization, and Validation

Lynium LLC specializes in the evaluation, debug, characterization, and validation of integrated circuits and sub-systems for high-performance analog-to-digital conversion and digital-to-analog conversion. For this purpose, we developed the ATS4000 Test System and are working on the testQube 5220A. The ATS4000 has been used to test 12-bit and 16-bit ADCs embedded into microcontrollers, 12-bit embedded DACs, industrial 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs, power meter ICs, a 14-bit 100 MHz ADC, and a dual 18-bit 1 MHz SAR ADC. Please see our Products page for more information.

Consulting Services

Lynium also offers consulting services for designing ADC and DAC subsystems including associated circuitry such as analog signal conditioning, processing, and buffering as well as digital interface circuitry. In conjunction with the design, we have the capability of leveraging the ATS4000 to test various components and circuits in order to find a solution that offers the highest possible performance. We can also provide extensive data and characterization curves on the final design.

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